ZOHR Applied Technology School opened its doors AY 2021/2022 and enrolled 264 students in different study fields. ZOHR ATS stands as the first Applied Technology School to be managed and operated by Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA) within the signed cooperation agreement with Ministry of Education & Technical Education to establish and operate 10 Applied Technology Schools across Egypt.

ZOHR Applied Technology School (operated by STA), is one of the sustainability and community development projects within the pre signed memorandum of understanding between EGAS and EIOC Production and its affiliates for ZOHR project in March 2017.


In accordance to the Cooperation Agreement that was signed between Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Education & technical Education, Port said governorate, IEOC Prod. B.V, The Egyptian holding company for natural gas and Elsewedy Electric Foundation, ZOHR School will be the first Applied Technology School in Port Said and will accept both genders.


The school is located in Port Said governorate in Elmanakh District inside the existing Mechanical Industrial School, where 3 building are currently under complete refurbishment to be rehabilitated and furnished to the latest and highest standard funded through the Italian company ENI its affiliates in Zohr project and EGAS company.

The school follows the dual education system, it provides 3 years technical secondary diploma accredited from the ministry of education and technical education, where students spend two days in school and 4 days in partner factories/companies. The school also follows Elsewedy Technical Academy quality standards on all levels and in accordance to the Finnish standards that are designed on competency based.

ZOHR Applied Technology School (operated by STA), is designed to accommodate a full capacity of 792 students in 11 classrooms and 7 labs, additionally the school has other facilities like cafeteria, sport courts and parking area. The school offers different fields of specializations; Energy, ICT and Electrical Installations, while other fields like Mechanical Maintenance and HVAC will be available from the next AY 2022/2023

ZOHR ATS operated by Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA), uses learning management system (Moodle) to implement its educational plan as a smart school that uses the data of education technology to achieve the required educational outcomes, which is very important especially in emergencies such as cases where students are forced to stay at home during the school year.

Learning management system has the advantages of achieving the following:

  • Register and prepare learners’ tables.
  • Save learners’ data files.
  • Introducing electronic courses.
  • Learning management for each class.
 The education management system also facilitates the tasks of teachers and assistants in monitoring the progress of learners in the course and managing sources and achieves communication between students and teachers through special dialogue forums.

In terms of providing the possibilities of continuous evaluation, it provides the following possibilities for STA Academy:

  • Use many tools to teach and evaluate students at anytime, anywhere.
  • Develop and manage exam questions.
  • Report on exam performance results.

The education management system, also achieves the internal link between virtual classrooms, learning content management systems and provides a means of supporting and completing class education and can be used by the Academy to teach full subjects or provide timely training. It is a good solution for teaching increasing numbers of learners and makes it easier for the teacher and student to communicate anywhere and at any time.

The key foundations of the “Applied Technology Schools System” include:

  • Industry commitment through the Public Private Partnership model for the school which brings industry as a direct partner of the MoE&TE in the management of the school;
  • Quality Management Unit, which regulates the system and the certifications, and which is itself a partnership between the MoE&TE and international accreditation entities;
  • The dual education system is demand-driven integrating the actual needs of industry and responding to international priorities and economic forecasts
    The Public Private Partnership for the school brings Industries as direct partners of the MoE&TE in the management of the school, ensuring the following results
    • Up-to-date educational and training programs;
    • Improved both the skills of the students and the possibility of the industries to get skilled workforce;
    • Financial sustainability of the schools due to the commitment of the industries